Writing Day

I re-shared my post “Discovery Day” yesterday, about how to make a Snow Day productive and fun.

Yesterday for me, like many snow days, was about extra writing time.

And I finished the day feeling light and free. Enervated, rejuvenated.

I wrote a tremendous amount for me: about 2/3 of a choral arrangement, plus editing on several other things. That’s as much as I can typically get written in a week if I’m lucky.

What’s more, I was reaffirmed in my career. If you had been around my house yesterday afternoon and evening, you would have heard me repeat “I LOVE writing music” at regular intervals.

It fills me, makes me a better person, a better father.

I know that most days will not be like this; I remain so grateful for those that are.

And I’m so glad I had the will to not spend it on Netflix or Twitter. The music I wrote materialized among great meals, plentiful board games, reading, MarioKart, and much family time.

Thank you, Snow Day and family, for making yesterday possible. Thank you, music for giving me a life I love.