Why I Write: Three C’s

I have a full life. I juggle multiple jobs and always have more projects than time to devote to them. It’s a freelance life, and I love it, but it’s packed.

Today is a good day to reflect on why, in the midst of all my jobs, I devote time to writing and publishing a post here every single day.

My goal every day is to write something – not long, but long enough to share one thought on my main topics of choral music, creativity, and education. Here are the Three C’s of why I write.

Connection – I want to forge and enhance connections with other creative people.

Community – I want to support my community with a daily thought that can propel them in their own busy lives.

Clarity – Writing down something I believe, in public, is a great way to actually know what I believe. It gives me clarity about my own philosophy and direction.

Today marks 1,000 consecutive days writing and sharing something here. I am still learning daily from the process. Thank you so much for reading it.