Into The Unknown

Auditions are a leap of faith – for everyone involved.

As an auditionee, you are trying something – something you might not feel ready for – because you want the experience. You go into the unknown.

As an auditioner, you are trusting that at the other end, there is an ensemble that you will be able to make music with. You go into the unknown.

I programmed music this summer for an ensemble I didn’t know; it’s entirely possible that the ensemble I have by the end of this week will need different music. We go into the unknown.

The good news is that a lot of magic can happen in the unknown. Indeed, the unknown is the only place anything new happens, because in known means not new.

Audition, hear auditions, and trust that heading into the unknown will lead you to positive new experiences.

(Especially because the alternative is staying home and having no new experiences.)