Students & Pros

I love teaching. I have a student who absolutely knows the meaning of subito thanks to my work, and every time I ask the Aces what it means, the smile on his face is gratifying. He’ll never forget.

And most of my day-to-day musical activities are with students. But once a year for this Cabaret, I get to have a three-hour rehearsal with pros. A four-piece rhythm section reads down the 25-35 charts  I’ve written for them, and usually end up sounding like the recording incredibly fast.

It’s a blast. To be able to speak fluently as musicians, without any explanation, is a rush. Coming from my student-centered world, it’s like having other people who know my secret code.

It reminds me of what I want my students to be able to do someday, and that what I’m doing for them is necessary. And it’s incredibly fun.

Thanks to Nick Ayoub, Chris Bookie, Chris Bardolph, and Ryan Limbeck for a fun and productive rehearsal last night. Nearly every tune only took one take.

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