Spring Forward

What are you going to do for you this spring?
Music teachers are among the most selfless, giving, group I know. I know one teacher who complained that they needed their own school alarm code because 5am was too late to come in and start working.
You’re giving 200%, double booking rehearsals and meetings, consoling students in your office, teaching a pro bono voice lesson while you eat lunch, hanging lights for the musical, taking personal days to attend education conferences, volunteering hours a week for your professional organization, and “forgetting” to turn in receipts for reimbursement.
You’re doing all these things for other people.
What are you doing for you?
I challenge you to spend 15 minutes every day this week doing something for you. Start a novel, go to the gym, bake some cookies (and DON’T share them!).
Taking care of yourself will help you take better care of those entrusted to you.
It’s time to spring forward and take care of yourself.

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