Some Irish Music

My mom was always very proud of our Irish heritage – to the point of giving me and my siblings green freckles on St. Patrick’s Day.
So perhaps it’s no surprise that I’ve long been inspired by the music of Michael McGlynn and Anúna. 
Perhaps, though, it’s his creative approach to familiar melodies; his rich harmonic language; his rhythmic energy, including lots of fun odd-meter writing; his ability to write compelling, heartfelt pieces and driving pieces that grab you; or his openness to questions about his music and willingness to interact with singers.
Whatever the case, I happily celebrate this most Irish of days in the U.S. with a look back at a couple of Michael’s pieces sung by my Rockford Aces.
by Michael McGlynn
Performed at the 2012 World Choir Games

by Michael McGlynn
Performed at the 2014 World Choir Games

Éirinn go Brách!


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