Senior Wisdom

Last night I asked the six seniors in my ensemble to share some wisdom that would be useful for future members. They’ll graduate on Tuesday and head off to new and different musical experiences.

Here are the six insights they shared:

RJ: Cherish every moment that you have. The music making will move fast. Make as many friends and memories as you can because when everything is done, you will be very proud of your time in the group.

NR: Practice your music–it’s always more fun when you can sing your part confidently.

JS:  Step 1: Get.
Step 2: Good.

TR: Don’t be afraid to step up and take charge in any situation.

JK: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

BS: Sing good.

They reflected themselves, and some great lessons, in these words of wisdom. Thank you to the newest Aces Alumni. As I told you last night, you have left an indelible mark on the ensemble, which will forever be better because you raised the bar.