Saying Goodbye

Tonight is the Rockford Choirs’ Farewell Concert.

For me, it’s a good time to reflect on the students saying goodbye. Have I served them? Are they walking away musically, intellectually, spiritually richer for having been in my choir?

It’s easy to focus on the “stars” – the ones heading off to pursue music careers, the ones with the leads in the musical and the solos in the concerts.

The ones who probably would have gotten there without your help.

So I ask – would they? How much farther did they go because of me? How could I have taken them even farther?

But more importantly, I look to the ones who showed up every day, worked hard, and did it because they loved it, even if they knew weren’t heading towards music as a profession.

And for them, my question is simple. Will they KEEP SINGING?

Do they still love making music with a group, and will they find a choir to sing with after they leave high school?

If the answer is no, then I consider it my failure. (Happily, I see many of my students still singing, in lots of different ways.)

Turning nos into yeses is the goal of the new project Today is the deadline to have your seniors complete the form to help them find the right choir for them in college.


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