Running Lessons: Sprint & Walk

In our first 5K, Mandy and I ran the entire way at a respectable 28:42. About a 9:15 mile pace.
The second half of the run, we kept passing and getting passed by another couple. They would sprint for a minute or so, and then walk for about the same. Sprint, walk, sprint, walk. We caught up to them on a walk, then they passed us on a sprint, and on and on.
But we finished well before them.
It can be tempting in life to sprint until you’re winded, then walk until you’re comfortable. Or else to to take it slow and easy until you feel ready to sprint.
But inevitably you’re going to do better to find a good pace and keep it going. It feels good to sprint, and sometimes everyone needs to, but don’t make it a cornerstone of your plan.

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