Radio Christmas

I’ve said a bunch of times this December, “Friends don’t let friends use the radio for their Christmas playlist.”

I know a lot of people with great and specific taste in music who will nevertheless turn to the local 24-7 Christmas radio station to determine what “Seasonal Favorites” they get to hear.

Here’s why I don’t.

Too much of The Chipmunks, not enough of The Real Group.
Too much of Justin Bieber, not enough of James Taylor.
Too much of I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas, not enough of Chanticleer.
Too much of Mariah Carey, not enough of Bing Crosby.
Too much of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, not enough of The Nutcracker.
Too much of Andy Williams, not enough of The Singers Unlimited.

(See the entire Billboard Holiday 100)

We can disagree over what should be heard more – develop your own playlist, please! But don’t let Top-40 radio shape your Christmas experience! (Maybe this explains the grinches who won’t listen to Christmas music before December – I wouldn’t, either if my only choice was the radio…)

For me, tomorrow morning will be about Nat “King” Cole, The Real Group, Bing Crosby, and Mannheim Steamroller. What’s your Christmas day playlist?