OK Not To Care

I’m writing this during likely the most-watched TV event of 2017, the Super Bowl. Social media tells me the football teams are going to overtime for the first time ever.

I don’t care in the least.

I’m not disparaging lifelong football fanatics, I’m not saying it’s not great to be passionate about the outcome (or the halftime performance, or the ads, or the food!).

I’m just saying I don’t. My grandfather would say, “That’s what makes horse races” – individual passions and preferences.

But because I teach choir kids, many the kind of kids who might not particularly want to watch football; and because I know that some of them haven’t been empowered to follow their own compass, I’m saying:

It’s OK not to care.

I and my football-agnostic students are happy that you’re enjoying the game. We honor you for your passions, and hope you honor us for ours.