Molecularly Changed by Alice Parker

Steve Zegree often talked about his students leaving his care “changed at the molecular level.”

That’s how I feel about last week’s one-on-one fellowship with Alice Parker. It was me, Mandy, and Alice, singing, talking, and most of all listening for three hours a day.

I feel molecularly changed. I feel like I’m going to take the next forty years to unpack the wisdom Alice shared with us this week.

And I feel utterly unable to put words to the lessons I learned.

Alice says that she estimates that about 5% of her mental ideal performance can be notated on the page – that putting music is on the page is like killing and preserving a butterfly.

That’s how I feel about this week – to try to put into words the concepts I’m processing will squash the bigness of what she shared.

I’ll do my best in the coming months to capture insights; in the meantime, take time to sing, to listen, and to create. And if you get the chance to be in the same room with the remarkable Alice Parker, take it.