In The Weeds

A few weeks in from the start of school, and a few weeks out from the first concert. Congratulations, you’re in the weeds!

You’re past learning notes for your music. Your sections are starting to know and trust each other. But you’re not exactly making music yet.

The weeds is the part of the rehearsal process where the choir knows most of the right notes, but aren’t singing them yet with a sense of ensemble, blend, balance, musicality, intonation.

It’s the most frustrating part of the rehearsal process. Here’s a few takeaways that your students (and you) should carry with you:

1. This is a temporary problem. It will not last forever.

2. The reason it’s frustrating is because you want to be better than you are. That’s actually a good sign – if you didn’t want to be better, you wouldn’t be frustrated.

3. There’s no way out but through. Practice and time spent together in discovery will get you to the other side.

4. Don’t let the frustration turn into resentment, mistrust, or finger-pointing. That’s a great way to never get out of the weeds.