Insight on Education from Brené Brown

Last year Brené Brown did a 90-minute long form live show with photographer Chase Jarvis. It’s on Youtube.

The entire conversation is great, but I want to share three quotes from Brené that need to be informing how we educate in this country.

“85 percent of the men and women I’ve interviewed over thirteen years remember something so shaming that happened in school that it changed the way they thought about themselves as learners.
It gets worse.
50 percent of those wounds were around art and creativity.” [link]

There is no overstating how big a problem this is. Especially because:

“Creativity is the key to how things travel from the head to the heart to the hands.” [link]

To go from something you know to something you live requires creativity. All of the people in her research falling into the category of “wholehearted living” maintained some form of creative practice.
And finally:

“Unused creativity is not benign – it’s dangerous. It metastasizes. It turns into grief and judgement and rage.” [link]

Our society needs more creativity, and we are systematically stamping it out of our children – and systematically breaking our society emotionally.

It needs to be fixed.

Push this to the top of your queue to watch this weekend. It’s vital.


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