Friday Links

Links fresh and classic for your long weekend…

John Conyers Pushing for Copyright Reform – He’s trying to clarify the law because many artists are asserting ownership over their classic recordings. And record companies want to keep making money. If the past precedent holds, the record companies will win. Here’s to a win for arts.

Whale Pop Songs  – They spread across the Pacific through humpback whale groups, just like a Justin Bieber song spreads through our population…

The Achievement Program – from Carnegie Hall, this is a very carefully thought-out curriculum for student soloists. I’m especially interested in the vocal curriculum and how it could be incorporated into high school education.

Abbie Betinis’ Guide to Commissioning – A great primer on the commissioning process.

Choral Composer of the Week – Jeff Cobb is a dear friend and a wonderful composer, conductor, and performer. He’ll be premiering a piece with the MSVMA State Honors Choir this year…then performing with his trio at the MSVMA 75th Anniversary Reception. Check out his wonderful music!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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