Dreams are Kites

Think of a future dream; what you want to do in ten years. Now, imagine your dream is a kite.

When you form the dream, it’s getting the kite caught on the breeze, and then letting it out to the end of the string.

Now your dream is just a pinprick in the sky, far away and unreachable from where you stand. It’s also fluid – susceptible to both your movements and changes in the prevailing wind.

To achieve your dream, you have to slowly, slowly reel in that kite. The breeze keeps you from reeling it in too fast, and your own strength limits your work.

Cast your kite in the wrong field and you’re likely to get it stuck in a tree.

So reel in your dream, nice and slow. You’re going to find that the kite moves from where you stared, and you’ll probably move to. Your perspective will change, and the precise coordinates of your kite will change, too.

By the time you get to the kite, everything will be different – where you are, where the kite is, what the weather is like. Time has passed.

Your dream when you cast it into the air isn’t the dream you arrive at.

But you’ve achieved it nonetheless; and it’s time to cast the kite back out and reel it in again!

(Now, imagine like most of us that you’ve got six or seven dreams in the air at once–no wonder they get tangled and fall from the sky, unachieved.)