Dreaming & Asking

We all have pie-in-the-sky dreams.

Most of the time, we look at them for a minute and then toss them aside. Not possible.

But I’m here to say that a good dream, expanded to a plan of action, shouldn’t be ignored. If you can’t do it yourself, ask for help.

With the help of the Rockford Education Foundation, over the last five years I have built a sound system for the Rockford Choirs, commissioned a piece from Alice Parker, and taken students to both Cincinnati and Riga, Latvia to compete in the World Choir Games. (And another composition commission has been funded to premiere next year.)

All huge dreams, made possible with their help.

And with those huge dreams presented, approved, and executed, the REF has supported my vision for the Rockford HS Music Department’s Performance Series. We have been awarded the first-ever Founder’s Grant to underwrite a continuing series of performances and masterclasses from world-class artists.

Exciting, earth-shaking possibilities for our students. And only possible because we didn’t ignore our dreams, but pursued them and asked for help to make them real.

Students should be thinking this way about college. About careers. About life.

What big dream are you ignoring right now?


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