Dare To Dream, Dare to Ask For Help With Your Dream

I’m a big believer in dreaming big dreams, and then working to make them happen. When you have big dreams, it’s necessarily you, the dreamer, who must carry the most of the weight.

We big dreamers, we self-sufficient overachievers – we need reminding, too, that some dreams require help. If your dream is of beating a demon, of surpassing a challenge, of overcoming an obstacle, then please, ask for help.

There are plenty of us self-sufficient overachievers who will help you down your road. Don’t think you have to achieve it alone. Don’t fail because you’re not used to needing help.

We all need help getting through this. Today it’s you, tomorrow it might be me. I promise I’ll ask for help when I need it, if you promise me the same.

Dare to dream. But even more, dare to ask for help with that dream.