Don’t Wait

It has never been easier for creators to put their work into the world. Seven-year-olds create Youtube channels, for heavens sake. Good ones.

And yet over and over I see skillful, passionate future artists waiting. Teenagers with albums in their heads and Netflix in front of their eyes. To them, I say:

Don’t wait.

Do you want permission? To get picked? To be perfect?

You aren’t going to get any of those “p” words. Instead, they need to give themselves permission: pick themselves, start before they’re perfect.

If you are a young artist, why aren’t you making and sharing new art every week? The bar to create art has never been easier to scale.

Musicians – Soundcloud.
Actors/Directors – Youtube.
Visual Artists – Instagram, Tumblr.
Authors – WordPress.

You learn to make better art by making art. The great songs won’t come until you’ve written a lot of songs.

Don’t wait. Write them. Share them. Learn from them. Then do it again but better.

Be afraid if you want.

Do it anyway. Don’t wait.