Don’t Pick A Lane

Yesterday’s blog was titled Pick A Lane.

And it’s true – picking a lane when you’re young and following it doggedly is one way to achieve success. But it’s a mistake to think it’s the only way.

A life is not measured at 35. Although Lin-Manuel Miranda might be the only one of his high school classmates with this much success at 35, When they have their 50th high school reunion I predict you’ll find many more classmates who had great success in lanes they couldn’t or didn’t pick at 12.

I have friends having remarkable careers in fields they wouldn’t or couldn’t have picked in middle school: computer science, non-profit administration, robotics, organic vegetable farming.

When I was ten I couldn’t have imagined the lane I’m in now – let alone picked it!

My aunt, a noted biochemist, shared yesterday that she didn’t know biochemistry existed until graduate school; my father pursued a masters degree in American Civilizations before teaching high school and finally becoming a successful surgeon.

Don’t lock into a route if you don’t feel compelled. Every avenue you explore before you settle into your lane will inform and improve your eventual success.