Daily Failing

My sons practice piano almost every day, and they really enjoy it.

It’s also virtually assured that one of them will weep when staring down a new piece each week. And almost without fail, two minutes of reminders to slow down, take it apart, figure it out results in a leap forward and a smile.

I’m not looking for a concert pianist in the family. I’m looking for grittiness. The ability to fall down and get back up.

I don’t know of anything that teaches an eight-year-old to turn failure into success better than piano. Every day, every week, they stare failure in the face and learn to succeed.

The piano lessons are a head fake. Yes, they’ll be competent pianists, maybe more if they desire it. But with enough years of piano behind them, they’ll be able to try anything new and figure it out.

Their daily failing will lead to lifelong success.

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