Bad Words Week: Creatives

Note: This week I’ve selected words I think we should consider removing from usage for various reasons.

When we talk about people making a living creatively, let’s stop using the word creatives.

Creativity is our most unique trait as human beings. I agree with those who say it’s what makes us human.

So when we use the word “creatives” as a noun to define people who create for their job, the implication is that everyone else is not creative. It requires us to believe that creativity is something that “creatives” have when it is something that defines us as a species.

Creator is a bit better – it implies someone who uses creativity for their work; artist works even better, I think.

I strongly believe using “creatives” as a noun diminishes the innate creativity in all of us. Let’s get rid of it.

Word: Creatives (noun)
Reason to Eliminate: Unnecessary Differentiation.
Suggested substitute(s): Artists, Creators, People.