Choral Superpower

Choral conductors have a superpower.

It’s easy to forget. You are busy dealing with dynamics, vowel placement, phrasing, intonation – to say nothing of bathroom breaks, choir couple breakups, and “when is the concert?”

You have a superpower.

It’s often easiest to see in December, when the world most wants to hear a choir, it seems. But it’s there year-round.

Last night I was at a community tree-lighting, and watched the assembled crowd as the high school choirs sang familiar carols and tunes. I saw mouthing of lyrics, many smiles, and maybe a few tears.

The power of group singing is electric – it sends waves of emotion directly into the hearts of listeners. The familiarity of Christmas carols, and the nostalgia present in December, might make it a little more present, but it’s happened to you and me all over the year and in much less likely locations, too.

So when the tenors aren’t holding their line or listening to balance, please remember – the work now is activating the choirs energy so they can release their superpower in performance.

I don’t know of any art that can reach people as consistently as group singing.

Just use your superpower wisely.