Always Plan For a Snow Day

If you don’t plan for a Snow Day, it will come on your final rehearsal before a performance.

(This could be any school-canceling calamity, of course.)

This is particularly challenging if, like me, you only rehearse once per week. A well-placed Snow Day can wreak havoc on the arc of your preparation. That’s way it’s always important to plan for it. Assume that on the day of your last rehearsal, there will be a blizzard. With that assumption, how does your preparation change?

A flu outbreak in your ensemble, a water main break, a conductor with strep throat, and on and on: there are so many possible reasons why you’ll cancel that last rehearsal. Make sure when that time comes, you don’t feel the extra weight of deeply needing that rehearsal. Plan for it.

Relatedly, unlike my prediction, my school does have a Snow Day today.