Alice’s Books

To end Alice Parker Week, here are a few things I recommend reading as you delve in.

(And of course, please download and listen to her interview with Krista Tippett right now!)

The Anatomy of Melody: Exploring the Single Line of Song – her book on the foundations of music in all society.

The Answering Voice: The Beginnings of Counterpoint – her sequel to the above book, considering more horizontal and thorough approach to harmony.

Reflections on Song: My Musical World – a collection of her editorial essays for her Melodious Accord newsletter, covering twenty years of her writing.

Melodious Accord: Good Singing in Church – a tiny and powerful book on the source of good, heartfelt singing for all.

Folk-Song Transformations – A collection of great folk tunes with explanations of how to present them for sing-alongs.

Alice Parker’s Hand-me-down Songs – Book and CD of songs to teach your kids.