Your Best Musical Experience

In my farewells to students, I urge them to keep singing no matter what. But not just keep singing.

Always have your best musical experience ahead of you.

You may have achieved great things in high school. Some of my students graduating this year performed at two World Choir Games, Michigan Youth Arts Festival, in lead roles in musicals, and in countless other exciting performances. They made some tremendous music over four years.

They’re all now in the past. Look to the future. Aim for making even better music next year.

I had a choral colleague a long time ago who actually encouraged his former students to quit choir in high school, arguing that “maybe you already had your best musical experiences in middle school.”

And as ridiculous as that sounds, it carried weight with some students.

I hope that none of my students ever say, “the best music I ever made was in eleventh grade.” I hope that music is always part of their lives, and that they keep aiming higher and higher, whether as a hobby or as a career.

Always have your best musical experience ahead of you.


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