You Don’t Have To Wait Anymore

Our eight-year-old finished his daily piano practice saying, “I know all my pieces – what am I supposed to work on tomorrow?”

Answer: rhythm, consistency, phrase, dynamics, any number of other things. But more importantly, start learning another piece!
You don’t have to wait for your teacher to give you something.

The average citizen’s access to the world’s knowledge is more complete than ever before – by several orders of magnitude.
When I mention Picardy thirds or alternative tunings as an aside in rehearsal, you don’t have to wait till I have time to teach you the ideas. Google itGoogle it now.
The most important trait I’m interested in seeing more of in my students: curiosity.
The sum of all knowledge is waiting for you. Why are you waiting for someone to wrap it up and give it to you? Go and get it.
You don’t have to wait anymore. 

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