You Deserve A Break

You deserve a break.

Not from the work. Keep doing the work.

You deserve a break from the onslaught. From the news, from the updates, from the posts. From the constant attention-sapping. From media old-, new-, and social-.

For the last week, I pre-loaded my posts and disappeared into a no-cell-tower, no-wifi, no screen haven. It was, undoubtedly, the best break I can remember.

I didn’t click share, I didn’t click post, I didn’t “like”, “love”, or “follow”.

You deserve this, too. The new tempo I found over the week was blessed (and I was blessed to receive exemplary guidance each day from an expert at moving at the pace of the world, rather than the pace of the media.). The mental, emotional work I did will buoy me as I jump full-force into the next concert season.

Take my advice: you deserve a break and to find a new tempo. You might also find, like me, that you don’t want to come back.