Why Commission?

Why should you take the time, effort, and money to commission new music for your choir?
1. If you want to see great new music enter the repertoire, you should get out there and pay writers to write it!
2. It’s more affordable than you think. Seriously. 
3. Sometimes it’s the only way to get the song you need in the voicing that works.
4. You’re supporting the arts economy!
5. It’s a chance to collaborate with an old friend or make a new one.
Having written many, many commissions for choirs over the years, I recently experienced commissioning from the other side, working with Alice Parker on “Cindy” for The Rockford Aces. It changed my life to get to be the first person to read through notes she had written – just for me and my choir!
I can’t wait to start the next commission; if you aren’t commissioning someone right now, you need to get started. I am talking to you.

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