When Do You Peak?

We’re roughly 1/3 of the way through this school year. It’s time to ask: when does your choir peak?

I don’t mean when do you start to decline: you can peak and stay there for the rest of the year.

But at what point in the year does your choir settle into “good enough”?

Up until your peak, each piece is an opportunity to expand the artistry of the ensemble. After the peak, you year becomes about bringing more repertoire to that level.

The most rewarding years I have had with ensembles are the ones where they have continued to grow musically right up until their last performance. On the other hand, years when they reached acceptably good early and stopped have been among the least rewarding. Either due to motivation or my lack of skill, they stayed put.

Think back over the last few years; is there a consistent point where you say, “ah, now you sound like what I expect”? If so, your peak is probably around there. What can you do to push it a month later in the year?

Next time you feel that your choir is meeting expectations, try stepping on the gas and pushing your choir and yourself harder for a few weeks. Maybe you can delay the peak and help your choir achieve even greater art.