What Would The Best Do?

Think of three of the best in the field you want to succeed in.

If it’s choral conducting, you might pick Robert Shaw, Craig Hella Johnson, Sandra Snow.

Broadway performers? Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Barbara Cook.

For leading vocal jazz, I’d pick Steve Zegree, Phil Mattson, Duane Davis.

If I were President, I might pick Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt.

Then ask yourself, “what would the best do?” For every situation. For. Every. Situation.

If it requires a skill you don’t have…then you know what skill to acquire next.

If it requires resources that aren’t available to you…then either acquire the resources or postpone the project.

If it’s not skill- or resource-based, then it likely requires morality…so rely on the moral compass of the best, and make your decisions.

If you want to get good, emulate the best.