What to do With Your Anxiety

I just went for a run and came back with a heart more open to the world.

Whatever your personal opinions, I truly believe that you, like me, want to heal the fractured relationships in our world. You want to understand the people you disagree with, you want to walk through the day with hope, you want to have faith in our society.

Here’s a few things I think will help with your anxiety. I’ve divided them like college coursework into Intro, Seminar, and Grad-Level.


Listen to hopeful music.
Hug your children.
Hug a friend.
Call a family member far away.
Sing a song out loud.
Start a gratitude journal.
Take a walk.
Or a run.
Go to an art museum.
Go to a concert.
Cheer for your favorite team.
Learn something.


Read a book of poetry.
Join a choir.
Have a friend over for dinner. Even one you disagree with – especially one you disagree with!
Make big plans for the future.
Write a cogent letter to a politician.


Stop watching TV News.
Delete Twitter.
Next time you’re with a large group, get them to start singing.
Don’t write anything political in public.
Express your art in public.
Be the bigger person.