Welcome to Choir

Welcome to choir. You can expect to…

  • Make music every day.
  • Learn to speak and read music.
  • Strive for artistry.
  • Express deep emotions in public. (Don’t worry, you’ll be in a group.)
  • Fail on your way to success.
  • Get a solo (maybe).
  • Not get a solo you want (likely).
  • Sing music that fills your soul.
  • Sing music that doesn’t move you (and sing it well, anyway).
  • Dance if the music wants it.
  • Be still and focused if the music needs it.
  • Go places. (like Carnegie Hall!)
  • Learn to trust the people around you.
  • Discover personal responsibility.
  • Learn the value of practice.
  • Develop habits that you can apply to every class & learning opportunity.
  • Gain music skills that will serve you throughout your life.

And most importantly…SING!