Weekly Note

Do you post a weekly note for your students? I remember the long-hand notes posted on the ensemble bulletin board in college – they were so beneficial in helping me focus my own practice, personal goals, perspective on upcoming events, and enhance buy-in to the group.

Bulletin boards may be passé, but you already have the digital equivalent. Send that weekly note through blackboard, Schoology, or whatever course management system your school use.

Here’s the format I’m currently using for my weekly note for GRCC Shades of Blue:

  1. Big Picture (short paragraph of text).
    • Short overview and/or philosophical perspective
  2. Quote of the Week.
  3. List of pieces with group and personal goals for the week.
    • Personal Goals
    • Group Goals
  4. Ensemble Business.
    • Money Due
    • Upcoming Dates

I can copy and paste last week’s note, change the language where needed, and create this week’s note in just a few minutes.