We all have busy days

A quote from our current choir booster president, on a very busy day a few years ago:

We all have busy days.

Like every one of you, I am 10% too busy. But it’s important to step past that and recognize how blessed I am to have that problem. It’s far better to be too busy than it is to be not busy enough.

Like you, I’m busy doing important, exciting, affirming things. Raising sons. teaching music. Helping The Real Group plan a concert.

Today I’ll be have one of those bizarre whiplash days where you spend the morning baking sandwich bread and the evening eating dinner with some of the best singers in the world. That’s part of a week that will find me never resting, always too busy.

And so, so blessed to have so many busy days.

In your busyness today, remind yourself why you are busy, and why it’s worth it.


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