Watch A Master Teacher

When was the last time you watched someone teach?
Great teaching relies on a huge number of skills honed over years of practice. And whether you are a first-year teacher or a master collegiate conductor, you can get better.
But almost no one gets to see other experts practice their art. We are all far too busy in our own classrooms to watch colleagues.
I’ve been lucky the last year and a half to accompany my son most weeks to watch a master elementary choir teacher work with her choir. And from the very first week, I’ve learned new approaches from her that I can incorporate into my own teaching.
I’ve gotten better by watching her work.
Of course I love going to conferences, seeing masterclasses honed over hours of practice and concerts by outstanding choirs that have been preparing for months. But the 90 minutes I spend every week with the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Choirs in average rehearsals is just as worthwhile to me.


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