Warm Blankets

Today I made my 4:30 writing time for the first time this week.

I have perfectly justified reasons for not getting up to write at 4:30; those reasons don’t help me feel less frustrated at my lack of writing momentum.

It took all my willpower to get out of bed this morning when my alarm went off – in that moment it is so hard to remember the frustration and so easy to appreciate warm blankets.

Which is the eternal human condition – we make comfortable choices in the short term that lead to frustration in the long term.

So today I begin another streak at <1> consecutive days of early rising. I will forgive myself when I will fail to resist the warm blankets again, but in the meantime, I’m going to see how long of a streak I can make.

My other active streak is daily blogging here, currently at 101. My experience in early rising tells me that I will miss a day, but when I do, I’ll forgive myself and start a new streak the next day.

What streaks have you started recently? What is keeping you from maintaining a streak?


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