Virality & My People

I had my first ever “viral” post this week. As of this morning, my quote art of one of the Ken Robinson quotes from last week’s blog has been shared 193 times on Facebook and seen by nearly 14,000 people.

It’s been cool to watch, but I have tried to remain mindful that those thousands are not who I’m writing for. I started this blog to try and create something of daily use to my people. As of right now, those 14K might agree with me about arts education, but they aren’t my people.

My people are the ones who read my newsletter every week and email their thoughts back.

My people are the ones who regularly click through from Facebook or Twitter, or have followed me on an RSS Reader.

My people are the ones who navigate to my site every morning to see what’s new.

You are one of my people. Thank you; I’m writing for you and the fact that you read is so meaningful to me.

It’s gratifying to have thousands read or hear or see one thing you’ve made. It’s more gratifying to have a group that seeks out what you make.