The Two Ways to Procrastinate

There are two ways to procrastinate.

I used to procrastinate with my mind.

What I mean is: I would have a deadline, and then ignore the project, task, responsibility until the last possible moment, when I would furiously finish the job, giving it as much thought as I could in the time remaining.

Now, I’m more likely to procrastinate with my body.

My varied responsibilities and freelance career means I’m often not able to finish projects until fairly close to their due date. But I try (and often succeed) at mentally playing with the project well in advance.

I think it out long before I have time to work it out.

When it comes time to do the job, I often already know exactly what I want to write or do or say, because I have given it the mental time it needed.

Ideally, we would all have sufficient flexibility to calmly and deliberately do every task without delay. But until that happens, I’m very happy to limit my procrastination to the physical world and stay on top of my work in my head.