Trust Through The Break

I get anxious at the start of Spring Break. Of course, everyone involved is ready for a week of rebuilding capacity: the students, the teachers, their families.

Nonetheless, it feels like a huge momentum stopper, just at the final buildup to the year’s final peaks. In the last seven weeks of the school year, my ensemble will perform on three big concerts, each featuring different material, have important recording sessions, and end with a final concert that will include an entire year’s worth of repertoire.

And so I practice trust. Trust that my fears are unfounded. Trust that we will have time to accomplish our tasks.

Most importantly, trust of my ensemble. I trust them to maintain their music, trust them to return rejuvenated and ready to work, trust them to have the same desire for excellence that they’ve exhibited the entire year.

I desperately (secretly) want a rehearsal this coming week with my group. But I try to trust that missing it will actually make our music better when we come together next week.