Trust & Discernment

Twice in the last few weeks I’ve been able to call on people to evaluate my most precious work – my musical writing. They both held two traits that made it worth the emotional risk.

First, they had my trust. I knew their critiques would be completely about the work, because I know without a doubt that they truly care about me as a person. Any praise would be genuine, and any criticism would be constructive and about making the work better.

Second, they had discernment. These are both people who have spent a lifetime developing musical skills and tools that enabled them to be discerning in their judgement.

You know people who love you but can’t judge whether your work is truly good.

You know people who can judge your work well but aren’t motivated by mutual trust or love.

You need to find the people who have both trust and discernment, and then listen to their thoughts.

It will make your work better. It makes mine better.