Tom Allen’s Do-Re-Mi

As far as I’m concerned, Tom Allen is the ideal classical radio host.

He hosted CBC Radio 2’s Music & Company, a morning classical show, the entire time I taught in Grosse Pointe (it’s easy to pick up Canadian stations in the Detroit-area) and now hosts Shift, a “cross-genre” program that will play everything from Copland & Brahms to the Beatles and Tegan & Sara in a single show.

He is also a marvelous music educator and advocate – he is amazing at creating compelling narratives about music. He tells stories that make you hear pieces differently. If he taught music history, it would be the most popular class at his university.

I know you’ll enjoy his most recent video, discussing the origins of solfege.

CBC also streams, though I don’t remember that nearly enough. Listen here. Tom’s show runs 1-3:30, M-F. 

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