Time & Value

We are hardwired to equate time and value. The more something is worth to us, the more time we are willing to spend on it. 
I think our brains assume the converse is true, too: the more time we spend, the more worth that experience has.
By that measure, the musical theatre production led by most high school choir directors each year is the most important thing we do. I figure this year’s Rockford High School production of Seussical had 150-200 hours of cast rehearsal. A typical 45-minute class sees about 135 hours of rehearsal in an entire school year. My Rockford Aces rehearse with me for about 70 hours per year.

I suspect that most choir directors don’t think of the musical as the most important part of their school year educationally or professionally. If that’s the case, it becomes our challenge to communicate the value of each activity we do; otherwise, students, parents, colleagues, and administrators will revert to assumptions based on time and value.


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