That’s Not How The Force Works!

Best line of “The Force Awakens”, right? When asked how he’s going to find something, Finn suggests, “We can use the Force!” Han Solo sets him straight.

Being one with the universe in a Force-y kind of way is a long, arduous journey of training and practice.

Do you know what? That isn’t just true in a galaxy far, far away.

Success isn’t something you stumble into. You might show promise, or have a few successful moments, but sustained hard work is the key to long-term mastery. Just as a Jedi requires years of study and apprenticeship, so do we if we want to achieve greatness.

You can’t simply “trust your instincts” until you’ve developed them. “Follow your passion” gets you nowhere without effort. You can’t just “use the Force.”

That’s not how the Force works.