The Work In Front Of You

The mother of one of my Rockford Aces, Cindy Todd, is the chair of the art education program and Kendall College of Design and recently was named Michigan Art Education Association Educator of the Year.

In a brief profile in the WMU Alumni magazine (page 29), Cindy said, “In the day-to-day life of an educator, you’re not thinking about an award or some other recognition for your work; you’re really just doing the work because it needs to be done.”

It’s all about the work in front of you. Do it well, and you’ll be rewarded with recognition and more interesting work. Spend a lifetime doing interesting, compelling, and important work, and you’ll get Lifetime Achievement awards.

Don’t think about your legacy – think about doing the work in front of you as well as you possibly can.

Thanks for the inspiration, Cindy!


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