The Value of a Break

My sons have spent the last two months without piano lessons. That’s a long time in the life of a six-year-old!

But as they’ve begun reviewing for their first lesson of the year this week, I’ve seen several interesting results of the break.

1. They didn’t really stop. They kept practicing, just without timers, and with a focus on the stuff they  loved to play.

2. Their musicality has improved. They have continued to absorb music every day this summer, and that absorption is already being expressed in their playing.

3. They have returned to practice easily. Fairly easily, anyway. The muscles are still there, and with a little flexing, they have returned to their habits.

A little break can be the right thing for young minds – as long as they know it’s temporary, as long as they continue learning in a less-formal way, and as long as they have a strong foundation leading up to the break.