The Final Rush

The day of the concert is like the day before a long trip.

At last, details you’ve been ruminating about are upon you. Time to finalize, pack, organize.

In the beginning, it can feel overwhelming, this final rush. So much that couldn’t be done earlier, and must all somehow be packed into this one day.

But over time you’ve learned how to offload the stress in several ways:

  1. You’ve learned to pre-prep as much as you can (lists, shopping, laundry, etc.)
  2. You’ve learned that it will all get done, because it has all gotten done in the past.
  3. You’ve learned what works well, and how to do it efficiently.
  4. You’ve learned to do more with less, so that the preparation becomes less complex.
  5. You’ve learned to prioritize, make lists, and move with purpose.
  6. You’ve learned how to get by with a little less sleep on days like today.

The day of the concert doesn’t have to be extra stressful – like packing for a trip, the more often you go on the journey, the easier and more fun it gets.