7 Things I Love About Teaching Choir (A Valentine)

Let’s face it: you only do this job if you love it.

Here are seven things I love about teaching choir (for Valentine’s Day).

  1. Transcendent musical experiences. Helping students make beautiful music that they’ll never forget.
  2. Teaching theory. I admit it: I love it when I see a student finally get a music concept. Modes, scales, chords, part-writing, composing, arranging.
  3. Exposing students to great music. I adore watching my students hear Chanticleer, The Real Group, even Mozart for the first time and seeing emotions wash over them.
  4. Teaching life. It’s true: for all the focus on intonation, vowels, tone, and phrasing, we’re really teaching our students about life and how to live.
  5. Seeing Former Students Succeed. Whether it’s as a choir teacher, musician, political operative, homemaker, business owner or anything else, it’s a blessing beyond compare to watch students achieve success and knowing you had a small part in ushering them into adulthood.
  6. My Colleagues. Music teachers are the best colleagues; even though I only see most of them a few times a year (or less…), I am constantly inspired and blessed to work alongside them in this profession.
  7. My kids. They are my kids after all…my students who inspire me, exasperate me, are always on my mind. They are what make this entire journey worth it.