Teaching Self-Motivation

I’ve written about how curiosity is one of the most important habits I look for in my students.

Another is self-motivation. And I do not think our industrial-model public school system is designed to teach it.

Indeed, I think Self-Motivation is actively discouraged. We work to keep the class together, which means making sure the slower-moving kids get extra encouragement to catch up. But it also means that the ones who can move faster on their own are told not to do so. Don’t look ahead, don’t ask me that question right now, don’t push yourself if you aren’t behind.

Which is frustrating because what we need are self-motivated adults.
There are lots of resources talking about how to improve your personal self-motivation. There are even some books and articles talking about raising self-motivated kids. But why can’t I find a good book on teaching self-motivation in the classroom?
If you have one, let me know.


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