Summer Technology Assignment

There are so many available technologies to make choir directors’ lives easier. But I don’t think any is more useful than InDesign.

Here are some of the many ways I use InDesign on a weekly basis:

  • Concert Programs – Unlike word processing programs (e.g. the ubiquitous  MS-Word), In InDesign objects and words stay where you put them. No more wrestling with the strangeness that is program layout in Word.
  • Social Media – Instagram/Facebook/Twitter images with text are easy to put together in InDesign and export at just the right resolution.
  • Shirt Design – Easy to do in InDesign and export for your shirt printer’s use.
  • Posters – Again, a desktop publisher like InDesign is much better suited to this than a word processor like Word.
  • CD Graphic Design – I save hundreds of dollars on every CD by not outsourcing the layout and design work.

Learning the software is fairly straightforward, and the results are tremendous. My suggestion is: take the summer to learn how to use the software! My plan is to get as much design work done this summer for the entire year – I may need to change some details or drop in a new image, but I can do most of the work now, now that the calendar is done. No more rushing to get things done!

And good news: for educators and students, the entire Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop (image), Illustrator (vector), Premiere (video), and comprehensive mobile apps) for 60% off – $19.99/month. They’re all great tools. I use InDesign the most, but you may find a workflow that works better for you.

Your summer technology assignment: subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite, learn InDesign, and get a head start on your graphic design for the next school year.

Note: Nobody pays me anything to write – I just really love this software.